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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering hiring a new CPA fim?
Here are some questions to consider:

Do they have the expertise that you need? Do you hire an accounting firm for their CPA skillsets or something else? At Kelly & Company, we believe that it is to your company's best interests to have a CPA firm that focuses only on key areas of practice (audit, tax and only related consulting). In essence, doing what an accountant does best.

Do they have working relationships with other key professional service providers? We believe that ancillary services are best served by our strategic relationships, such as benefits firms, insurance agents, underwriters and attorneys, with whom we work as a team to effectively serve your unique needs.

Are they known for an ability to develop creative solutions? At Kelly and Company, we believe financial imagination is one of our greatest assets. This comes from disciplining ourselves to look beyond the obvious solutions, weighing and studying the alternatives and, often, finding fresh insights into what most people see as "ordinary issues". We don't work miracles; we simply look for the not-so-obvious solutions. As such, a key to our success is an ever present drive to find an innovative answer which leads to effective results. Find out how they work with clients.

Who will maintain contact with you? Who will actually perform the work? Our client service approach is simple. As a smaller firm, we can focus on active partner involvement and excellent client service, resulting in personal attention, accessibility, responsiveness, and dependability. We are accountants that will call you back. We know that all the expertise in the world is meaningless unless we take the time to work closely with you, listen to you, and understand your objectives.

Do they work with similar clients? Are you a small, unsubstantial client to them or are you an important part of their business? Every client is important to us. We recognize that the success that you have achieved in your business did not come easily. You depend upon your accountants to help build upon that track record. Kelly & Company understands how important successful financial and tax strategies are to the growth of your business. We offer new ideas, creativity and a dedication to helping your business meet its goals. As we assist you, you will find that we are professionals who speak your language.

Can they help with both your corporate and individual tax needs? Each client has unique business problems. We have helped numerous businesses and individuals realize the most from their current financial situation, as well as paving the way for a more successful future. Our tax department provides more than just tax compliance services. We provide solutions to difficult tax problems.

What are their fees? Our commitment is to provide you with cost-effective services, personal attention, and professional excellence.

Let us show you what we can do!